This is Marley. I local cat that supposedly belongs to people 2 houses down. Marley lived outside for about 7 years, so we are told. When we moved in last year, Marley would hang out all around our yard. Eventually, we started trying our best to take care of this massive stray population on our street. When we got 39 inches of snow in a couple days, Marley went missing. The people who "owned" Marley were posting in a local Facebook group looking for him and searching up and down the street daily.Today I learned that Marley died across the street in these other peoples basement. He broke the window to the basement trying to get out of the snow... 2 weeks into January. They had been hearing him cry for weeks but "couldn't figure out where it was coming from". Im beyond disgusted. I feel like signing myself up for another state case. Sorry for venting but I thought the cat deserved better than that.