The Original Black Top Keychain Scribe

$0.65 - $16.00
The Original Black Top Keychain Scribe

Accept no cheap, knock off, lower quality imitations. The Devastator Brand Black Top Keychain Scribe is a sleek, discrete tungsten carbide tool, fit for all occasions.

I carry one myself and absolutely love it. You will too. Always make sure you check the tightness after and inbetween uses. O-Ring on the neck keeps it snug and does its best to prevent unintentionally getting loose. I do recommend this as being an "in-pocket" carry opposed to dangling from a backpack or lanyard, etc. The exterior shock from bouncing around can ultimately cause it to back off.

This is such a gem that several lesser suppliers try to bootleg the Blacktop Keychain Scribe but just cant quite capture the essence or originality. You know who you are. Not the first key chain scribe on the market but for sure one of the most efficient.

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